My work and resume


2016 - Present: Software Engineer

RunKit is a NodeJS programming environment. Every npm packages are preinstalled so they can be required immediately. I am a full stack developer working on everything from frontend UI to deep to low level performance optimizations for our deployless server feature, Endpoint.


2013 - 2016: Software Engineer
  • iOS Search App

    Software engineer on the iOS search app. Implemented many of the UI changes from iOS 6 to 7. Helped design and develop the Material Design update to the Google app. Prototyped many of the new exploratory interactions.

  • Nandy Labs - New Search Products

    I started a new skunkworks team with a PM to explore new product ideas in Search. Hired and was the engineering lead for two additional engineers and two contractors.


Summer 2012: Intern

Built various server, web, and iOS features and tools; including real time data visualizations and deeper integration with various third party social media services.


Summer 2011: Intern

Developed a web store from beginning to end making extensive use of Django, Javascript, and SCSS. Prototyped application interaction flow for an upcoming product.

Open source and old personal projects


2009 - 2012: Core team member

Core team member of the open source Cappuccino project. Maintain various parts of the open source project and developed a nearly complete port of Cocoa's NSTableView. Cappuccino is an open source Javascript framework for building rich desktop-class web applications.


2011 - 2013

BugHub was my first iOS application and later my first Mac app. It was a native app to interface with the GitHub issue tracker. The app was later open sourced and the rights sold to an independent developer.

Honors and Education

University of Kentucky


Bachelors of Science in Computer Science from the College of Engineering.

KPCB Engineering Fellowship


I was honored to be a part of the 2012 KPCB Engineering Fellows program.