My work and resume


2016 - Present: Software Engineer

RunKit is a NodeJS programming environment. Every npm packages are preinstalled so they can be required immediately. I am a full stack developer working on everything from frontend UI to deep to low level performance optimizations for our deployless server feature, Endpoint.


2013 - 2016: Software Engineer
  • iOS Search App

    Software engineer on the iOS search app. I implemented many of the major UI changes from iOS 6 to 7. I Helped design and develop the Material Design update to the Google app which was a major redesign that drastically expanded the capabilities of what the Google app could do. Early in the project I prototyped many of the new exploratory interactions.

  • Nandy Labs - New Search Products

    Nandy's mandate was to explore new search product ideas. It was a small skunkworks team I started with a PM to explore new product ideas in Search. I hired and was the engineering lead for two additional engineers and two contractors.


Summer 2012: Intern

While my primary work was on the backend/web team, during my internship I ended up working on nearly every different software project at Path, including iOS, backend server work, and the web. I also worked on various social media integrations and built an internal real time data visualization tool.


Summer 2011: Intern

My summer internship project was to develop a new web store through which interactive Inkling books were sold. I also prototyped some application interaction flows for an upcoming product.

Open source and old personal projects


2009 - 2012: Core team member

Core team member of the open source Cappuccino project. Maintain various parts of the open source project and wrote a nearly complete port of Cocoa's NSTableView. Cappuccino is an open source Javascript framework for building rich desktop-class web applications.


2011 - 2013

Born out of some of my work on an open source Cappuccino project, BugHub was at first and native iPad interface to GitHub's issue tracker. Later rewritten as a native Mac app. The app was eventually open sourced and the rights sold to an independent developer.

Honors and Education

University of Kentucky

2009 - 2013

Bachelors of Science in Computer Science from the College of Engineering.

KPCB Engineering Fellowship


Inaugural 2012 KPCB Engineering Fellows program.