BugHub is my first iOS application. It provides a beautiful front end to GitHub's issue tracker on the iPad. It is a full featured client application, and I believe, truly sets the bar for future apps of its kind.

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TimeTable was the first product I shipped. It is an application designed for freelancers for managing your projects and clients. Developed with Cappuccino, TimeTable boasts an amazing desktop like experience from within any modern web browser.

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Siklus is a fun little app with a beautiful interface to monitor your Biorhythms. Use it to keep track of all your friends and family!

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GitHub Issues

I maintain an open source application that provides a desktop like application UI to GitHub’s issue tracking system. Also available is a chrome extension, safari extension, and a desktop version to help integrate with your workflow.

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I'm on the core team for Cappuccino. Cappuccino is a modern javascript framework which is modeled after Cocoa. Cappuccino is for building desktop class applications in the web browser. Both TimeTable and GitHub Issues are powered by Cappuccino.

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RCLConcepts is my person company which primarily focused on web development, but lately I've shifted toward application development.

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More Me

You can follow me on Twitter (@Me1000), I tweet about web stuff, technology in general, and various life things.


I love open source! So feel free to fork me on GitHub.


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